Woodford Folk Festival - Folklorica | 29 & 30 December 2011


Woodford Folk Festival 2011-12


Folklorica is host to the Folklines programme, which presents the rituals, dance, music and songs of the many folk traditions that have come to Australia over the past 220 years. The beautiful, colourful Ratha Yatra Indian Chariot pulls up next to the venue when it's not rolling through the streets. Folklorica comfortably seats a couple of hundred Festivillians - many of whom come only to see events in this programme at a lovely, breezy venue.

Feature: The Rhythm Divine

ABC Radio National presenter Geoff Wood explores music and song from the world's religious and sacred traditions-from Indian classical music to mythic Mongolian fiddle and Khoomi chant, extraordinary songs of the Turkish Ashik mystic troubadours to Persian Sufi ney, finishing with the harmonic chant of Tibetan monks.

Friday 30th December 1:00pm

Feature: Ritual Music For Healing
Experience the ancient power of healing with ritual music from the magical Horse-head fiddle, the Morin Khuur to Tibetan monastic chant. Moving to Iran and the Middle East, the daf drum invokes the soul to help hasten the healing process in Sufi healing ceremonies.

Saturday 31st December 9:00am


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