Nafas @ Sydney Sacred Music Festival

Bukhu in Sydney Sacred Music Festival

Bukhu in Sydney Sacred Music Festival


NAFAS is a musical collaboration between six musicians from different cultural backgrounds and musical traditions but all with an interest in the ‘Rhythms of Life’. This one hour performance takes you from meditation to celebration!

Yama Sarshar (Tabla) and Masi Sarshar (Harmonium) are Afghani Australians, born and bred in Blacktown and from a long line of Afghani musicians. Philippe Lincy was born in Guadeloupe and has studied African drumming in Guinea and other parts of Africa. Bukhchuluun Ganburged has recently arrived from Mongolia and is a renowned throat singer and horse fiddle player. Chris Field is a third generation drummer from the USA, studies and plays Tabla and plays and teaches western drums. Richard Petkovic (Music Director) has worked with contemporary music for 20 years with a deep interest in creating cross cultural music and has studied with world music practitioners to deepen his ability to listen.

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