Bukhu and Daniel Ho performing Haiku at the National Folk Festival 2012

Bukhu had a chance to connect with many amazing performers at this years Australia's National Folk festival. Here's a video of one of his impromptu performances during the event with Hawaiian musician Daniel Ho.

Multi-Grammy award winner Daniel Ho performs his composition "Haiku" on 'ukulele, accompanied by Mongolian throat singer and horse fiddle player, Bukhu.

"Haiku" is from Daniel's album "Ukulele Classics & Originals"

The performance was part of Australia's National Folk Festival 2012 at Exhibition Park in Canberra. Australia's festival flagship, the 'National', draws people from all around Australia and the world. They come to share in the songs, dances, tunes, and verse that have flowed through the ages from many communities into Australian folk culture. Hundreds of the world's best musicians perform daily, in a non-stop flow of entertainment across twenty two fabulous venues.


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