Bukhchuluun Ganburged (Bukhu) is a master student of the Music and Dance Conservatory of Ulaanbaatar. Bukhu performs the folk musics of Mongolia, while exploring the aural dimensions of sounds generated by traditional instruments and harmonic overtone vocal techniques. His music brings a contemporary take on the tradition of Mongolian bards of the middle ages and those of ancient times, acting as a national memory bank by working mythologies, historic figures and events into traditional verse form. Based in Sydney, Australia since 2009. Bukhu was granted most prestigious Distinguished Talent Visa by the  Australian government as an internationally recognised artist with exceptional and outstanding contributions to the arts.

A cultural ambassador of his country. Bukhu combines virtuosic Morin Khuur (Horse Head Fiddle) and Khuumii (Harmonic Overtone Throat Singing) skills to transmit the harmony of Mongolian Shamanic culture through time and space. He embodies the spirit of reinterpreted narratives through verse which is key to the enchanting powers of folk traditions, combined with influences from contemporary music woven into the fabric of these arrangements.

An accomplished composer of contemporary music in his own right, Bukhu’s songs incorporate elements of genres as diverse as Overtone Throat Singing, Harmonic Chant, Folk, Classical, looping and more recently Electronic.