Bukhu is singing the ancient art of Mongolian Overtone Throat Singing

Bukhu began practising the ancient art of Mongolian Overtone Throat Singing and Harmonic Chant at the age of 15, known traditionally as Khöömii (Khuumii or Khoomei) referring to the various forms of overtone throat singing. The sounds of Khöömii are generated by manipulating the resonance of air pushed from the lungs , travelling past the vocal fold and lips to produced a melody. The melody can be selectively amplified by changing the shape of the resonant cavity of the mouth and throat via the manipulation of the tongue and surrounding muscles. This selective tuning generates simultaneous variations of pitch from a single resonant vocal frequency.

The roots of Khöömii are steeped in Mongolian culture with origins in Shamanism (Mongolia’s national religion) The modulated overtones generated while singing the base melody convey an ethereal inter-connectedness with the human spirit, nature and nomadic tradition. Bukhu finds renewed energy and warmth through his performance and considers throat singing practices as medicine.