Morin khuur

Mongolian traditional music instrument: Morin Khuur

Bukhu has been playing the Morin Khuur (Horse-Head Fiddle) for over 14 years. The instrument has a distinctive carved horse-head pegbox. The tuning pegs on either side are known as the "horse's ears"-- with two strings and a bow traditionally made of horsehair or synthetic materials,considered a central symbol of the Mongolian nation.

The Morin Khuur produces sounds described as expansive and unrestrained, both soulful and haunting, like a wildhorse neighing, or a breeze across the grasslands. It has played a central role in expanding on the roots of nomadic herding practices and  narratives as well as serving the translation of Mongolian mythologies and Secret histories into song for many centuries. It was officially inscribed by UNESCO as a masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage in 2008.