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  1. Hi Bukhu
    I met you on the weekend at the National Folk (I am the one who plays 60 White Horses) and have been raving to my partner Marnee about you. I don’t have an email address so have given you hers which you can use to contact me. I am on facebook though if you have an account.
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful time with me and we would love to have you come to our home and stay with us. It would mean flying to Coolongatta (Queensland south of Brisbane) and I would pick you up there. i would love to show you the rainforest and play more music! It is a very spiritual place here.
    Look forward to seeing, playing and hearing you again as you are, I think, a very special person.

  2. Hi Bukhu,
    I saw you at Fairlight last week, also at the National, and I feel our members and guests would also enjoy your performance.
    I am bookings officer for the Newcastle Folk Club, and have an unexpected vacancy on 1st Sept, 2012. If you can do this date please contact me. The Hall is very similar to Fairlight and the people very enthusiastic.
    Enjoy your trip home and hopefully, we can enjoy your great music on your return.
    Carole Garland

  3. Hi there,
    I am writing to ask for help. I have been learning throat singing and harmonic chanting by myself for 2 years now. (I found a book that taught me some basic stuff)
    I have made some progress but I would really like to get some training.
    I am from Melbourne, Australia. Would you know of anyone or any way I would be able to get some help learning this?

    Thanks for your time,

    1. Hi Nigel, Bukhu is currently in Mongolia, so i’ll forward your enquiry to his email. We are currently working on a instructional series detailing the various throat singing vocal techniques which may be of assistance. He is available for lessons schedule permitting. All the best.

    2. Hi Nigel, I have been throat singing for over a decade now and live in Melbourne. I still have a lot to learn and hope to travel to Tuva in the near future to undertake studies in both throat singing as well as a shamanic apprenticeship. In the meantime however I am always looking for people to jam and collaborate with. If you would like to have a jam sometime, please email me coreanti at hotmail dot com or through my soundcloud.

  4. Hello there fellow creator.
    I am trying to find any links, help guidance of a passionate needed healing experience for my boy.
    I have been fascinated by shamans all my life and it feels now is the appropriate time to use my curiosity. I was off to Mongolia to take a horse treck to see the deer riders and sit with shamans.
    As i have been given notice from one job i have a 2 week holiday that i can utilize to find a healing path for my boy’s tippy toe walking.? a little short to book tour in mongolia and i am getting guided towards it is closer too me than that, and Maybe there is a shaman with in our lovely multiculturalist community we call Australia.
    So i am Asking if any one can give me any contacts or leeds to where i can find a TRADITIONAL MONGOLIAN SHAMAN here in Australia, whom may be open to talk about the influences and help that we could work on for my dear boy.
    so if any one can HELP i am needing info a.s.a.p. so as i can book alternative trip over to mongolia.?
    Thank you for listening
    Lindy and Kai

    1. Please do not ignore the similar Russian/Tuvan shamans who do pretty much the same practices. Limiting yourself to Mongolia alone might not be beneficial. I have heard great things from Siberian shamans working with autistic children, particularly from the time with the horses as well as the music and rituals.

  5. Hi I am trying to contact Bukhu to see if he might be interested in performing at the Woollahra Festival Arts and Ideas which is held over the weekend of 17-18 November 2012. I am the artistic director,and am very interested in his work. he can callme on

  6. Hi I am interested in the tour of Mongolia in june 2014, saw you at Cygnet folk festival. Am having trouble understanding itinery and costs? We need to bring our own tent from Tasmania? The hotel in Ulaanbaatar for the 3 nights is that included in the price? or do we need to pay them? thanks Leanne.

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