Bukhchuluun Ganburged (Bukhu) studied as a master student at the Music and Dance Conservatory of Ulaanbaatar. He combines virtuosic Morin Khurr and Throat Singing skills with a contemporary take on the tradition of the Mongolian bard — acting as an oral memory bank, performing Mongolian folk music and exploring the aural dimensions of sound generated by traditional instruments and harmonic overtone vocal techniques.

Bukhu embodies the spirit of reinterpreted narratives through verse. Transmitting the harmony of Mongolian nomadic and Shamanic culture through time and space with an enchanting mix of folk traditions, contemporary influences, and electro-acoustic sound palettes woven into the fabric of his arrangements.

Bukhu is a member of Sydney bands Equus and Horse & Wood, and a former member of the Morin Khuur Ensemble, Khangal Quartet and Domog folk bands of Mongolia. He tours extensively in Europe, Asia and Australia, and collaborates with artists over a range of genres including Classical, World, Folk, Blues, Metal, Techno, Dub and Hip-Hop.

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  1. WHERE can I buy a copy of Horse &Wood’s latest CD? I heard you play at MONA last week and loved it!

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